Cupcake Wars Party

Get Acquainted With 4 Basic Facts about Come As You Were Party Theme

Do you know what people do as a first step when they organize a party? The answer is – they send invites to their guests. However, not all parties are expected to be conducted in this fashion. On the contrary, a Cupcake wars party does not require to take such a step. This is possible only a party alternative that allows you to invite your guests over the phone!

The following are 4 basic facts you ought to get acquainted with before you host such a Cupcake Wars party. If you want to throw one such party, it is recommended you go through the details at length.

It Permits You To Invite Guests Just With A Phone Call

Yes, you heard it right. This is, in fact, the special feature of the party. It does meet the parameters of modern people. They are leading a hectic lifestyle. In other words, they do not have all the time on earth. Hence, they are reluctant to organize a Cupcake Wars party that warrants a proper invitation process.

Cupcake Wars Party
Cupcake Wars Party

Excitement And Thrill Level Is Unimaginable

Normally, when we invite the guests to a party, they provide with sufficient time to make the necessary decisions. Most of the time, the invitation is sent days, weeks or months before the event. it allows them to make necessary preparation in terms of costumes, travel, and so on.

On the contrary, ‘come-as-you-were’ simply means you ought to proceed for the party the moment you receive the invite! Can you think of any party option that has such a feature? The answer is a big ‘NO’. However, This is the only factor that adds up to the excitement and thrill level. For instance, if you are in your pajamas, you need to attend the Cupcake wars party in this clothing only.

Therefore, don’t be surprise to see some of your guests attending a yard work cloth, a business suit, and so on. Dues to this factor, participants find this event extremely entertaining, exciting and thrilling.

It Has Got Some Strange Rules

Every party has got some basic rules. However, none has a rule so unique and exciting as this Cupcake wars party. For example, if you are calling a friend to attend this party, the first question you ought to ask is – ‘what are you wearing’?

Now, on hearing this strange question, two things can happen. Those who remain in good humor and furnish the information; they are eligible to attend the party. Those who don’t are eligible, as simple as that! To make sure they are not lying, ask them to send a photograph instantly as proof. This will make the game full proof. Cupcake wars party

The Fun And Entertainment Is For Everyone To See To Believe Cupcake wars party

Picture this – people turning up in a bathrobe, a towel or an evening gown! Needless to say, the fun and entertainment level is unimaginable. The giggles, the laughter, and the smiles – everything is in the atmosphere. Some don’t shy off from capturing these funny moments with the cameras. Better still, some go to the extent of making mementos. In fact, it becomes treasured trophies for them!

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