Circus Theme Party

Circus theme party decoration at Birthday Function Jaipur

If your child was already in the circus and had a great time there, he will definitely be happy when you arrange his circus-style birthday. Toddlers love clowns and colorful decorations! Circus Theme Party

Where to start preparing a circus birthday for a little birthday boy? Of course, from invitations in the style of the upcoming party.


You can find templates online for circus invitations to print. On the invitation, you can mention that colorful costumes and funny hats are welcome Circus Theme Party

Decorations and props

Everything that we usually associate with the carnival will be the perfect decorations for circus birthdays as well. Streamers, paper, lots of balloons, confetti, stars, hats and lots of glitters are great props. Of course, a large, colorful CYRK inscription will also be useful. It can be surrounded by colorful birthday lights for an enhanced effect. Circus Theme Party

It is worth buying a large box of phosphorescent bracelets and sticks – kids just love them.

Circus and colorful decorations can be downloaded for free online.

Circus Theme Party
Circus Theme Party

Birthday menu

What menu should we associate with the circus? Of course, popcorn, hot dogs and cotton candy! It must be colorful and shiny! Fruit skewers, animal-shaped cookies and multi-colored jellies will work. Circus Theme Party


Guests can be greeted by a clown. Who will dress up for him? Maybe daddy? Or maybe an older brother or sister? The clown will welcome every guest with a smiley face, a red sponge nose and a conical hat, which you can make from colored paper or buy – this is a symbolic expense. Maybe you can get colorful wigs for small guests.

Fun at the circus party for children

– Walking on the tightrope

Children must walk on a thick string or lines spread out on the ground. Harder version – only blindfolded.

– Soap bubbles

Kids love soap bubbles! Buy a set for making big soap bubbles. How about competitions for the biggest bubble, for the most colorful bubble, for the bubble that lasts the longest?

– Making animals and other balloon figures

Buy a set of elongated balloons. Learn to make a dog, sword or other simple figures. You can then do a children’s show.

Funny faces

Organize a contest for the funniest face.

 –  Juggling

You can buy special plastic saucers, colorful plastic juggling balls, bowling set – skittles are perfect for juggling!

– Master of balance

An inflated balloon can only be tossed with one finger or try to keep it on one finger for as long as possible in the air.

– Hula hoop

Teach your children how to shoot hula-hoop.

– Tattoos

Organize a stand for making colorful circus tattoos.

Painting circus coloring pages

Acrobatic performances

For acrobatic performances, it is worth organizing inflatable or folding mattresses, protect the place with pillows from the sofa or folded quilts. Maybe a hand-held competition or a star? Of course, with the help of Sunflower maids of Overland Park, mum or dad. Or who will stand in the swallow position longer? Circus Theme Party

 Poles with ribbons

Children love playing with poles with ribbons. It is worth buying long and quite wide ribbons and attach to previously prepared poles. Circus Theme Party

At the end of the ball, it is a good idea to take a photo of the whole colorful bunch. It will be a great souvenir! A circus-style party will surely provide a lot of fun, great fun and will be long-time remembered by all guests. Circus Theme Party

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