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Circus Theme Party

Circus theme party decoration at Birthday Function Jaipur

If your child was already in the circus and had a great time there, he will definitely be happy when you arrange his circus-style birthday. Toddlers love clowns and colorful decorations! Circus Theme Party

Where to start preparing a circus birthday for a little birthday boy? Of course, from invitations in the style of the upcoming party.


You can find templates online for circus invitations to print. On the invitation, you can mention that colorful costumes and funny hats are welcome Circus Theme Party

Decorations and props

Everything that we usually associate with the carnival will be the perfect decorations for circus birthdays as well. Streamers, paper, lots of balloons, confetti, stars, hats and lots of glitters are great props. Of course, a large, colorful CYRK inscription will also be useful. It can be surrounded by colorful birthday lights for an enhanced effect. Circus Theme Party

It is worth buying a large box of phosphorescent bracelets and sticks – kids just love them.

Circus and colorful decorations can be downloaded for free online.

Circus Theme Party
Circus Theme Party

Birthday menu

What menu should we associate with the circus? Of course, popcorn, hot dogs and cotton candy! It must be colorful and shiny! Fruit skewers, animal-shaped cookies and multi-colored jellies will work. Circus Theme Party


Guests can be greeted by a clown. Who will dress up for him? Maybe daddy? Or maybe an older brother or sister? The clown will welcome every guest with a smiley face, a red sponge nose and a conical hat, which you can make from colored paper or buy – this is a symbolic expense. Maybe you can get colorful wigs for small guests.

Fun at the circus party for children

– Walking on the tightrope

Children must walk on a thick string or lines spread out on the ground. Harder version – only blindfolded.

– Soap bubbles

Kids love soap bubbles! Buy a set for making big soap bubbles. How about competitions for the biggest bubble, for the most colorful bubble, for the bubble that lasts the longest?

– Making animals and other balloon figures

Buy a set of elongated balloons. Learn to make a dog, sword or other simple figures. You can then do a children’s show.

Funny faces

Organize a contest for the funniest face.

 –  Juggling

You can buy special plastic saucers, colorful plastic juggling balls, bowling set – skittles are perfect for juggling!

– Master of balance

An inflated balloon can only be tossed with one finger or try to keep it on one finger for as long as possible in the air.

– Hula hoop

Teach your children how to shoot hula-hoop.

– Tattoos

Organize a stand for making colorful circus tattoos.

Painting circus coloring pages

Acrobatic performances

For acrobatic performances, it is worth organizing inflatable or folding mattresses, protect the place with pillows from the sofa or folded quilts. Maybe a hand-held competition or a star? Of course, with the help of mum or dad. Or who will stand in the swallow position longer? Circus Theme Party

 Poles with ribbons

Children love playing with poles with ribbons. It is worth buying long and quite wide ribbons and attach to previously prepared poles. Circus Theme Party

At the end of the ball, it is a good idea to take a photo of the whole colorful bunch. It will be a great souvenir! A circus-style party will surely provide a lot of fun, great fun and will be long-time remembered by all guests. Circus Theme Party

Birthday Decorator

Birthday Decorator – The Most Experienced and Notable Birthday Decorator in Jaipur

Organizing a party in an ideal fashion for parents on their own is not a walk in the party. In fact, due to our hectic-paced life, we are so much engaged in our day-to-day activities. We hardly get the time to meet our buddies and kith & kin on a regular basis. Only when there are certain special events such as Diwali, Christmas, Eid, etc. We derive the time from our chores to meet them. In any case, planning any event is a must. Our too much busyness, however, many times, does not allow us to plan the events on a personal basis. It is always, therefore, the right choice to hire professional event planners to deal with such critical events. Birthday Decorator. Birthday Party Decorator Ideas. Party decor Themes.

We make a full arrangement of decoration

For example, if you are having the birthday of your kid. Sooner or later and are looking for a birthday planner. Birthday decorator who excels in such services, then look no further than Birthday Function. However, we are simply the best birthday decorator in Jaipur. We gladly take up the responsibilities of planning and decorating a birthday party and fulfill it dedicatedly. We take away your headache of arranging the same on your own and render a sumptuous bash for you. Kids, by nature, tend to engage them in a variety of fun activities.

Therefore, we make arrangements for games, scrumptious food items and drinks and so on. Kids are also naughty and are full of dynamism. That is why we, the number one birthday decorator & planner in Jaipur, do everything very exciting for them. For example, we arrange all fun activities that can grip their attention. Keep them engaged and make the day unforgettable for them.

Birthday Decorator
Birthday Decorator

We are number one in decoration

Decoration plays a critical role in making a birthday party look sumptuous and dynamic. We, at Birthday Function, the leading birthday decorator & planner in Jaipur, take up the entire responsibilities with regards to the decoration. To be precise, we get food items prepared or managed (whatever seems good to you) and drinks that are liked by both parents and kids. Also, we organize return gifts for the kids, include fun and playful games, fun competitions including prizes. This, we guess, will make the party a memorable event for your kids.

We ensure to have everything well ordered

We at Birthday Function, the finest birthday decorator and Planner in Jaipur. Ensure to make substantial seating arrangements and create a dynamic and fun ambiance. Well-decorated sitting places adorned with flowers, balloons, etc. and a remarkable ambiance will set the mood of the party attendants. In short, we are capable enough of managing everything you need for the party.

Birthday Decorator Wall decorations

The use of wall decorations in birthday parties is increasingly coming to the front. That is why we the brilliant Birthday Decorator in Jaipur include world-class wall decorations. These include holiday scene setters, festive wall props and colorful balloons. That is sure to make a great addition to any party theme. Wall decorations range from the very simple and traditional to detailed and elaborate. The choices for wall decorations are endless. More often than not, we choose wall decorations based on the theme. The size of the location where the party is being held.

Wall decorations such as themes-based scene settings, stand up wall props. Room-sized wall banners offer a lot to most party decors. That is why we use wall decorations to actually set the scene for the party. As with a good number of parties, the wall decorations. That are chosen for decoration is very important to the overall party theme.

A variety of wall decorations are many times used to provide backdrops to a party or another special occasion. More often than not, these can be the ideal party accessory for any party or celebration. We at Birthday Function, the predominant birthday decorator in Jaipur. Have started to discover the benefits of incorporating wall decorations and other party supplies into the overall party theme. Therefore, making a variety of wall decorations such as wall props, scene setters, and wall banners. An integral part of the Birthday party decorator and overall party theme.


Festive garland is being a very popular party decorating trend. At Birthday Function, the illustrious birthday decorator in Jaipur, we find garlands to be the perfect party accessory. For the most part, the garland is perfect for all parties. As it comes in an assortment of colors, sizes and, most importantly styles. From graduation cap and Good Luck tissue garland to patriotic flags and fall leaves. The decorative garland can add a lot to the overall theme of a party. That is why we consider garland an important part of their Birthday party decorator.


Centerpieces have gained a lot of popularity through time and have become a great source of decorations. We, the premier birthday decorator, place centerpieces that are elegant and catchy to the eyes. The people will sing the praises on their own. In other words, when your guests have their eyes on your collection of centerpieces. They definitely think that where you got those from. This definitely is something that shows that they have really liked your collection. It becomes a way to silently share your taste with all.

Hire Birthday Decorator Now!

We at Birthday Function, the most singled out birthday decorator in Jaipur organize and decorate birthday parties that beggar description. Therefore, all children readily revel in the party with great fun and frolic. We ensure that your child’s party will be a seamless success. And will be given reference to for years to come in the future.

So if you are planning to throw a birthday event for your child or darling. And want it to get organized very well in a professional way. Then should feel free to get in touch with us. You can contact us freely at Harry4events@gmail.com or +91-7428770650. We will make your child’s birthday more than a special day. Birthday Party decorator.

Birthday Decoration Planner

Birthday Function– We are at the leading edge of planning birthday decoration end-to-end  

For birthday decoration, Birthday Function is the preeminent company in Jaipur. Ever since the launch of our company, we have marked a record of success for planning unforgettable birthday parties. We also excel in birthday decoration and are therefore recognized as the preeminent birthday decoration planner in Jaipur. We invariably organize a memorable birthday event and are therefore at the top priority of our customers. Planning and decorating a birthday event is truly a very challenging task for people. Who are busy in their professional life and/or not very good at these things. To make your customers and clients happy, we not only coordinate a birthday party very well. But, also do complete decoration to choose from.

Here are a few salient features of our birthday planning and decoration services:

  • We are a team of inventive and accomplished birthday decoration planner. We are committed to making your event an unforgettable one.
  • However, We offer second-to-none and grand ideas for balloons, crafts, theme decorations, etc.
  • We possess a copious experience of over 10 years in planning and decorating a birthday event.
  • Invariably ranked as one of the most available and stable company for birthday decoration planning.
  • We, the celebrated birthday decoration planner, offer a variety of fun games. Like, duck ride, food stalls and so on for birthdays.
  • We can integrate a range of striking birthday themes for kids’ birthday party decorations.
  • In fact, we also can invite professional photographers, caterers, entertainment artists, anchors for birthday events.
  • We offer first-rate services with custom-made event plans. In the meantime, we do not believe in offering substandard service.
Birthday Decoration planner
Birthday Decoration planner

We run the extra mile to deliver perfect happiness to clients

Being armed with a young and artistic team, we know very well how to decorate and plan a birthday party. We make such events wonderful as well as appreciative. Our personalized ideas become the centerpieces to the entire party attendants who attend the birthday party. As the best birthday decoration planner in Jaipur, we believe in delivering full client satisfaction.

As the top birthday decoration planner in Jaipur. We know very well how to manage the finest inventive decorations. Within your means using the most available ideas for decorations. Also, we know very well the significance of time. We give our clients a perfect peace of mind by doing everything timely. We always do our best to exceed our clients’ expectations. In short, your guest will be stunned to witness the astonishing birthday party decoration.

Birthday Party Games and Birthday Party Accessories

The birthday party is unfinished if there are no birthday party games as well as accessories.  Kids, by nature, tend to love playing a variety of fun games. Such as Escape the Monster, Show Jumping, Chinese Puzzle, Chopsticks, Duck Duck Goose, etc. At Birthday Function, the up-and-coming birthday decoration planner in Jaipur. We also offer all possible entertainment artists such as magicians, walking inflatables, professional singers, etc. Also, we provide all types of entertainment accessories for kids to deliver a blissful experience. We assure you it will make up the day of all the children.

Party Supplies

At Birthday Function, we pay special attention to the color of the party supplies. We also give a great priority to ensure that the color of the party supplies. It is a foil for the theme select for the birthday kid. We also design birthday banners for birthday parties depending on client’s suggestions. However, we are also arm with our graphic design team. Who has a mastery of creating the best creative banners for birthday party decoration?

Also, we are associated with some best photographers and videographers in the city. Which will capture the entire happening of the party end to end. These professionals will have a special focus on the birthday boy and family, however.

Scene Setters

Party decorations come in many forms including one of the most popular choices, Scene Setters. Scene setter party decorations is design to maximize a theme while providing an aesthetically pleasing background setting.

There are many uses that scene setters provide including a backdrop for a photo opportunity or photo booth. A theme display or they can even be used to hide unsightly walls and other items. Scene setters allow you to get creative with space. Create your own race track, build a country-western setup or even create a beautiful beach setting. The choices are endless!

Not only is this party supply a wonderful addition to your themed décor; it is also very easy to set up. We at Birthday Function, the illustrious birthday decoration planner in Jaipur. Scene setters within a short period of time and with items, you might already have. Also, we will simply affix sticky tack or tape to the back of the scene setters and that is it! You will have an instant backdrop that directly relates to your theme instantaneously!

Birthday Cakes and Poems

If it is a birthday party, it is impossible to forget the birthday cake! Because it is a kid’s birthday, doubtlessly, it should be like the one that appears fun in appearance. After all, kids like funny things. That is why we at Birthday Function, the legendary birthday decoration planner Jaipur, bring the best cakes for your kid! These cakes will be the one having a variety of fun and arresting shapes designed on its top. We are sure that your kid will love the cake endearingly but will love the cake nonetheless. How about kids’ birthday poem? Can you compose one on your own? If not, you do not need to fret over it; we at Birthday Function, the overriding birthday decoration planner Jaipur, will achieve the need for you successfully.

Hire Birthday Decoration Planner now!

So if this is the birthday party of your dearest kid and you want it to get it planned. And decorated very well professionally end to end. Then contact us unreservedly at Harry4events@gmail.com or +91-7428770650. In fact, We are sure to make your kid’s birthday party the most fantabulous event ever.

Theme party planner in Jaipur

Birthday Function- The Foremost Theme Party Planner in Jaipur

Birthday Function, the leading theme party planner in Jaipur, is in sync with our vision. Our team is creative and experienced enough to offer second-to-none party planning services in and in close to Jaipur. We take pride in mentioning the fact. That our company Birthday Function is a one-stop source to meet your party celebration needs very well. Ever since we have turned up in the industry. We have been organizing birthday, wedding like events for customers from all walks of life.

Our customers and clients range from corporate to private. We, the predominant theme party planner in Jaipur, have nurtured. Our know-how of the party planning over the past 10 years. Serving our clients and customers very well whilst delivering them the entire satisfaction. Which is always at the top priority to us. Also, we have invariably won the trust and confidence of our dear customers and clients with our second-to-none efforts.

We are indebted to our allies and clients for their undying support to us

On our stint as the up-and-coming theme party planner in Jaipur, we have earned a number of truehearted friends who have stuck to us as our partners on several instances. We feel confident to express clearly that whatever our Company Birthday Function is today, it would have been challenging to earn this covetous position. These are essentially the unvarying support of our clients and the emotional help of our friends who have contributed very much in earning this standing. At this juncture, we must also mention that our best friends have always given us unvarying inspiration and love to help the Company reach the zenith of success.

Theme party planner in jaipur
Theme party planner in jaipur

Let’s celebrate birthdays with ease

We the Indians should feel pride in having born in a colorful country with great diversity in cultural variations. However, birthday is a special gala day celebration which is celebrated virtually the same in every culture. Therefore, with a view to introducing something new and exciting for the celebration of birthdays in India, we offer exclusive theme party planning services in Jaipur. Also, we are playing a seminal role in taking forward the convention as the Birthday theme party planner in Jaipur. We have been offering world-class planning and execution of birthday parties for over 10 years. We always do our best to make a birthday party extraordinary.

You can pick out a preferred theme for your birthday boy/girl

If you are excited to add a theme to your kid’s birthday bash and as you click on it, then we have a lot of amazing and available themes on www.birthdayplanner.in to choose from. On the other hand, if you are undecided like what theme to pick out for your kid then take it easy. Maybe it is happening with you because of the vast range of birthday themes available on our website. In any case, we are ready to lend a helping hand to you in picking out an unsullied theme for your kid. Theme Party Planner in Jaipur.

We carry adult party themes too

If you visit and explore our main website i.e. www.birthdayplaner.in, you will be able to find a variety of engaging themes for adults. All you need to do is visit and explore our adult themes page on this website. And you will find a variety of themes for an inclusive and styled theme for an adult birthday party. Whether you wish to organize your birthday in Hollywood, Karaoke, or Casino style, there is a theme that we have made available on our website for you! Theme Party Planner in Jaipur.

So if you are interested in revelling in the theme party but are on the fence what theme the party should have, then the odds are very high that you will find on the website. Just click the Adults theme and you will find the Adult Theme party tab. On this tab, you will be able to explore the broad range of templates to choose from. Theme Party Planner in Jaipur.

Considering the decor items for your birthday party, we, the leading theme party planner in Jaipur, have streamers, birthday hats, door curtains, glow sticks, balloons and so on.

Annotations by Theme Party Planner in Jaipur

At Birthday Function, we are looked at as the celebrated theme party planner in Jaipur. Therefore, as you hire us, you can cross your fingers that your birthday celebration will be out of this world. We, the premier theme party planner in Jaipur, are your ally as well as the guide who is geared up to plan and carry out this gala day event stepwise. All through the process, we not only add our personal ideas but also add your ideas to equip your event with an unblemished facade to the event.

We always go hand in hand with our clients to organize an unequaled birthday party planning for our regulars and new customers in and around Jaipur. We, the celebrated theme planner in Jaipur, are genuine, honest and dyed-in-the-wool theme party planner in Jaipur. Also, we go hand in hand with the customers. In due course of our efforts, we do our best to make the event an unforgettable one for the birthday kid/adult and his/her near and dear ones. As you hire us for a theme party planning in Jaipur. Once, we are confident that you will like to hire us over and over again. An incomparable and magnificent celebration.

Hire Theme Party Planner in Jaipur now!

So start browsing through the wide range of birthday themes we carry on our aforesaid website. Choose a theme that fits your birthday kid and you. We the leading theme party planner in Jaipur will install it on your birthday. However, make sure that you get in touch with us at Birthday Function at Harry4events@gmail.com or +91-7428770650.  And we assure you of making your child’s birthday a ripe success. Theme Party Planner in Jaipur

Birthday party decorators in Jaipur

The most sincere and dependable birthday party decorators in Jaipur – Birthday Function

At Birthday Function, we are recognized as the most sincere and dependable birthday party decorators in Jaipur because of our quality service and custom-made birthday planning. We are the renowned birthday party decoration specialists who make customized decorations depending on our clients’ needs. We use a wide range of décor items for occasions for birthdays and leave an indelible impression on the little and grown-up party attendants.

Birthday party decorators in Jaipur are the answer to your birthday party

We are the most reliable and full-fledged professional birthday party decorators in Jaipur with 10+ years of experience in event planning and decoration. With that said, we are committed to providing you with the best decorations that will also last longer. So if you are looking out for perfect birthday party decorators in Jaipur, Birthday Function is the appropriate answer. In fact, we have solutions to meet all your needs related to birthday planning and decoration.

Birthday Party Decorators In Jaipur
Birthday Party Decorators In Jaipur

Our prolific team

We are armed with a team of young professionals who follow all the possible measures and elicit the best decoration ideas depending on your taste, your needs and within your means. Our inventive birthday team will successfully plan and execute your birthday party by making it additionally special and memorable. However, everything would be methodical with well scheduled.

We are ready to help you at every step

At Birthday Function, the legendary birthday party decorators in Jaipur, we are also recognized as the most esteemed themed birthday party planning company in Jaipur. Our full-fledged birthday party organizers in Jaipur will help you in orchestrating a preferred themed birthday party within your means. Whether you are throwing an exciting birthday bash for a treasured loved kid, we will play a seminal role in ensuring that you have a hassle-free experience.

Here are two décor items we commonly add to a kid’s party: 


We can include any possible character and elicit any concept that you or your kid loves. Our young team of birthday party decorators offers all kinds of balloons. The balloons include helium balloons, foil balloons, hot air balloons, metallic balloons, party balloons, etc. The balloon decoration has a lot of styles such as balloon arches, balloon drops, balloon bouquets, balloon trees. Balloon pillars, balloon bunches, balloon pots, helium balloon arch, etc. Even if it is an adult birthday party, they will love to enjoy the party with terrific. And amazing variegated balloon decoration.

Seeing the multi-colored balloons that are available in a wide range of sizes. It will be a sign of an extraordinary gesture to your party attendants. In addition to that, brilliant lights and scrumptious foods will include the level of fun joy you never had experienced! On top of that, we are the preeminent birthday party planner. Birthday party decorator in Jaipur having a keen eye for detail and a remarkable work ethic. In brief, we will leave no stone unturned to give the best we can.

Door Curtains

Door Curtains not only control light and add elegance to a home. But also provides residents the privacy from neighboring homes. The door curtains have come into being with modern home designs. Where the window panels were placed in the doors. Moreover, which gives the home an awesome look. Through the passage of time, the door curtains have evolved into different designs. Styles according to the window panels installed on doors. The door curtains have now become a huge industry and the designers are working creatively to introduce new patterns. And designs to fabricate cutting edge styles.

In fact, the door curtains come in many styles, designs, and sizes and are according to the different stylish patterns. When you are going to order the door curtains you must measure them from the center of the top rod pocket to the center of the bottom rod pocket. Which will give you the accurate measurement of the curtain for your door/doors? The rods that are mounted on the doors can also be adjusted to accommodate the door panels. The different door curtain designs include Solid Color Fabric Door Panel, Soft Stripe Leno Fabric Door Panels, White Sheer Fabric Door Panels, Unique Sheer Fabric Door Panels, etc.

We are at your disposal to achieve your overall needs.

However, in every way, we at Birthday Function, guess that we are perfectly suitable for your kid’s birthday party. There or thereabouts, we, the best birthday party decorators in Jaipur, are esteemed for our work all through the Pink City.

Therefore, we take pride in mentioning to you that we can cater to the needs of a party. Therefore, Whether it is balloon decoration, light decoration, catering, entertainment, etc. Whatever your needs and preferences for a birthday are, we are at your disposal to deliver the best to you.

No matter whether it is a kid’s or an adult’s birthday party decorations in Jaipur, we can do that all excellently. After all, we are the experienced birthday party decorators in Jaipur who know very well how to cherish our clients with lots of love and Fun. Therefore, we are here to make every moment feel special.

Why we are the most renowned birthday party decorators in Jaipur?

We are very scrupulous and discerning in our work and ensure birthday planning and decoration to the fullest. Whether it is the first birthday party of your kid or the 16th or any age birthday party decorations of your price boy or princess girl, we will take care of it exceptionally well.  In short, we will buoy up your party’s attractiveness and make it a memorable event for your lifetime.

Birthday Function, the most promising birthday party decorators in Jaipur. Is armed with a team of dyed-in-the-wool relationship managers. However, the managers will help our customers in picking out the best plan at your budget.

Endnotes about our services

In addition to birthday planning and decoration services, we include return gifts and artist management services. Therefore, you can count on our services once and for all. Moreover, our main objective is to provide entertainment to the party attendants that they can remember it throughout their life. With this in mind, we do include DJ, guitarist, kids’ games, artists like tattoo maker, magician, and others for a remarkable birthday. We love what we do.

Hire us now!

So freely at contact us at Harry4events@gmail.com or +91-7428770650 and hire us at Birthday Function wholeheartedly.